Our Committee

President:  Mark Downey



Vice President/VP Women's Cycling:  Belinda Caldwell



Secretary:  Fiona Campbell



Treasurer:  Richard Brown


VP Cycling:  Andrew Downey



Committee Members: Frank Day, Bruce Syme & Greg Bono


About Us

Ballina Bicycle Club is a strong and active association of social and competitive riders of all ages and abilities working together to grow cycling locally. The Club is involved in all aspects of cycling and provides many opportunities for those interested in cycling to participate in the sport.

We aim to increase participation rates in cycling across the whole community. We support and encourage women’s cycling, cycling as a mode of transport, recreation and also provides opportunities for competitive racing.

We are also focused on encouraging juniors to participate, to become engaged in the sport and the club and to remain in the club and the sport over the longer term.

We envisage being a cycling club that has a role in future Local and State Government planning and decision making in the region with regard to cyclists. We are a club that has the capacity to grow and respond to future changes and challenges and that cultivates not only future cycling talent, but its own future.

Next Steps...

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