What a marvelous day for a bike ride. Mark and I greeted a Sydney rider, Tim, to our social ride. We decided to extent the scheduled ride as well as increase the easy pace to something more challenging.

On the return trip, we decide to play ‘Fox and the Hounds’. Mark was the fox, and we gave him a minute or so head start from the top of the three hills near Bagotville turn-off to Wardell. The distance is not far, so Tim and I had to turn ourselves inside out to try and close the gap to Mark before he got to Wardell. We caught him just short of Wardell. It was all good fun.

The return trip along River Drive was at a cruisy pace, enjoying the lush scenery of river and vegetation. It was especially enjoyed for Tim, for he is now away from the Sydney smog and riding in the rich green and blue colours of paradise.