Racing News 7 October 2018

Skies cleared to gorgeous day for racing and day’s format made for some interesting racing. The race was a whole field Scratch race or Reverse Handicap. This meant the the Handicaps would be applied to the finishing times and first across the line wasn’t necessarily the winner.

The day went to Rod Latimer who took out the Fastest Time for his Grade (C) as well as 1st overall with a corrected time of 27:52 (34:19 Elapsed). 2nd place went to Phil Cook 28:06 (34:33 Elapsed) with Matt Bone taking 3rd in 28:27 (34:54 Elapsed). Fastest Times were awarded within each Grade, Matt Long in B with 31:35 (34:10 elapsed), Bruce Quinn in D with 30:22 (40:59 Elapsed) and Mark Downey in E with 32:44 (46:44 Elapsed).

Thanks again to all our Officials and Volunteers and to our hosts The Macadamia Castle and Workforce International for providing the Traffic Control signage.