Racing News 6 May 2018

Heavy clouds threatened to put a dampener on the Racing but the skies cleared as the sun started to climb, as did the temperature.

With numbers down in the higher grades, only 2 starters in B Grade, and 3 in C Grade, all the action was in the handicap/combined D/E Grade race with 12 starters across both grades.

B grade got away first and looked set to have a procession for the next few laps and only have a any kind of sorting out on the final lap. In the end it came down to the sprint and Craig Morely pipped Adam Taylor on the line.

C Grade set off 2 minutes behind them and put the pace on straightaway. By the 3rd lap C had split into 3 solo riders as Ben Hogan went on an assault and managed to haul in the B Graders in front of him leaving first Frank Day

then Mark Brown in his wake.

Meanwhile in the other grades, John Moerkerken and Stuart Bailey were on a mission and quickly hauled in, then rode away from both their fellow D Graders and the Handicap E Graders. While others tried to go with them, they proved too strong and in the end John managed to pull out a 1 minute gap over Stuart to take the top step of the Podium. Harry white had a strong ride ride to finish 3rd.

A big thanks to all our Traffic Controllers and Volunteers, the kind donation of your time is very welcome.

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