Racing News 5 August 2018

A bright cool morning greeted riders for August running of the Macadamia Castle Kermisse. Numbers were down due to some other events taking place in the region, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of the competitors in the least.

4 Riders took the course in B Grade (6 Laps – 45km) and set a steady pace for the first 5 1/2 laps before Tim Knight (BBCC) launched an attack on the final climb, Ben Hogan (BBC) un-shipped his chain while Shane Norton (UQLD) and Ben Walters (D/Licence) couldn’t hang on and fought it out for the minor placings. Tim Knight – 1st – 1:22:14 (32.83 kph avg.), Ben Walters – 2nd – 1:22:30, Shane Norton – 3rd – same time.

In C Grade (5 Laps – 37.5km) 3 riders took to the course with Frank Day (BBC) only just making start line in time, shedding his jacket with just seconds to go. Tim Marsh (BBC) was back racing for the first time in 7 years and had a great day out, but it was David Boutkan (BBCC) who stole the show, dropping first Tim before shaking Frank of his wheel a lap later. David Boutkan – 1st – 1:13:43 (30.5kph avg.), Frank Day – 2nd – 1:19:17 and Tim Marsh 3rd – 1:21:16.

D Grade (3 Laps – 22.5km) saw 6 Riders set off in two groups, 2 1/2 minutes apart, with Matt Jones (BBCC,) Marco Goldberg (BBCC) and Richard Tabaka (MCC) off first, followed by┬áJason Tristley (BBCC), Harry White (BBC) and David Cowdrey (BBC). Matt set a blistering pace straight off, (prompting a meteoric rise through the Grades at his next outing) quickly dropping both Jason and Marco. A similar situation unfolded behind them with Richard putting the pace on and leaving David and Harry on his way to catching the riders in front of him. Matt continued on his solo effort eventually completing his 3 laps in 42:01 (32.02kph avg.) only 52 seconds slower than B Grade’s first 3 laps. Richard rode strongly and managed to close the gap and get himself onto the podium by 25 seconds over Jason. Marco Goldberg – 2nd – 45:49 and Richard Tabaka – 3rd 47:39.

A big thanks to all our volunteers, the competitors, Tony and the Staff at the Macadamia Castle and also to Workforce International for providing the Traffic Control signage, without all of whom this wouldn’t happen.

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