Racing News 12 May 2018

Strong blustery conditions turned what seems like a fairly benign race course into a brutal slog in one direction and an absolute flyer in the other, and while some found it challenging, others revelled in it.

Roadworks had caused the startline to get shifted about 150 meters up the road and the width created some interesting cornering options, with more than one rider taking to the grass after misjudging the entry speed into the turn.


6 Riders set off in C Grade facing three laps into a stiff breeze and while the speeds up to the turn at Wardell were lower than you’d expect, the return leg offered some serious support at various stages as it wound it’s way along the riverside. Cracks were starting to appear after the first lap and Matt Bone (BBCC) went on a solo on the way back down the 2nd lap. He was hauled back in by Ian Mathews (BBCC) and Ben Hogan during the final lap with Ian (1:00:18 – 35.52kph avg.) proving too strong for Ben (1:00:30 – 35.4kph) and Matt (1:01:00 – 35.1kph) finishing 3rd.

6 riders also started in the Combined Handicap D/E Grade with a couple of new riders to this course in Michael Patinson (BBCC) and Martin Bloor (BBCC). This pair along with Richard Brown were set off 2:30 in front of Brent McGreary, David Cowdery and Harry White. The first grouping rode well together up to Wardell before Martin decided to see what he could do and rode off the front. The reduced firepower now saw the advantage swing toward the chasing group. Whilst Harry, David and Brent put in huge efforts they were only rewarded with catching first Richard and then Michael as Martin managed to open his lead by 30 seconds and wasn’t seen again till the finish line. A final dig by Brent saw him open a gap to Harry and David to finish a clear 2nd. Martin Bloor -1st (40:47 – 35.01kph avg.), Brent McGreary – 2nd (43:40 – 32.7kph) and Harry White – 3rd (43:43 – 32.66kph).

A big thanks as always to our Volunteers and Officials, you efforts are appreciated by all.

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